The South of Thailand  

Southern Thailand is a land of beautiful islands and the sea. They are also rich in forest tracts, the habitat of creatures do. Not only that. Culture of the South is unique. The charming lifestyle then invited to immerse themselves closely for those who want to travel in the South. We collect information traveling over the province came here. Simply click on the name of the province is below. I can get some information about the population size of the province and territory to go to interesting places. Food and drink All things to do.Important festivals and traditions. Tours and tour packages, hotels, shopping and relaxation.



History . [ solve ].



The Upper South. The site of the Kingdom, including the two empires.


The southern area. Been the site of one such kingdom.






Climate. [. solve ].


Southern tropical monsoon climate. And by the topography of the southern peninsula has a long, pointed Is flanked on the west side the water. And on the east side. It rains all year round and is a region that has been the most rainfall of 39.7 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature ever Trang minimum Chumphon 12.12 degrees Celsius.



Terrain south. [. solve ].


Most of the area is flat. A major mountain range. Question. Hills Phuket mountain world. has. Kala Khiri mountain ridge. barrier as border betweenThailand and Malaysia in the south hills with total length of 1,000 kilometers.


Major rivers. Question. Kra Buri River. river Lang. York River. river gold fountain at my mother. river Tapi. Pak Panang river. Trang River. river Sai Buri.river Pattani and Kolok River.


Southern landscape features a peninsula with sea on either side of the east side of the Gulf of Thailand in the second. And the western Andaman Sea. Province Phatthalung and Yala. province is no contact with the outside sea. Beach shore. gulf of Thailand caused the lift height. The coastal plain is flat, wide and shallow. Andaman Sea. has collapsed down the coastal plain, a little dented beach is rocky with steep cliffs.








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