The Northeast of Thailand  

Northeast Plateau, which is a land rich in ancient history shows like Castle Rock, etc., with numerous cultural points of interest. There are also a source of natural beauty also features unique rock groups such as the Mekong River islands, etc. Gradually, whether it was one visit to be memorable for those who want to travel in the Northeast. We collect information traveling over the province came here. Simply click on the name of the province is below. I can get some information about the population size of the province and territory to go to interesting places. Food and drink All things to do. Important festivals and traditions. Tours and tour packages, hotels, shopping and relaxation.



Isan or the Northeast. region, or one of the northeast region of Thailand is located on the basin and Khorat basin Sakon Nakhon bounds of the Mekong River in the north and eastern portions. Abutting the southern border Cambodia to the west have mountains of Phetchabun and Dong Phaya Yen mountains. was separated from the northern and central regions.


The most eastern area of Thailand , approximately 168,854 square kilometers. Or an area of 33.17 percent, compared with an expert in all three areas of the country that is the largest in Thailand. The highest mountains in the east is. Peak Phu Luang. Phu Phan and guess. , which is the origin of river anywhere in the Northeast several province together. Such as the Chi River. Lumtakong. Pong River. river. river carpet Mun River.river war.


Language of the region. Was. thread. , a Lao dialect one. Section language Thailand medium widely used, especially in major cities. We also have Khmer. commonly used in the South East also has numerous other dialects such as Phutai. language Bachelorette. language Korat Thailand. etc. East also has a unique way culture is outstanding. Such as food language music singer. and art to. dance is so unique.


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