The North of Thailand  

Northern Thailand is a land rich with spectacular landscapes. Mountain complex surrounded by a rich forest. Magnificent cultural tradition. The simple life filled with warmth and kindness for those who want to travel in the north.We collect information traveling over the province came here. Simply click on the name of the province is below. I can get some information about the population size of the province and territory to go to interesting places. Food and drink All things to do. Important festivals and traditions. Tours and tour packages, hotels, shopping and relaxation

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North , a region that is on top of Thailand. boundaries adjoining neighbors. , and other regions by clockwise the west and the north with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar , north and east adjoining Laos south. adjoining region. (. Phitsanulok Sukhothai ) and the West (. Tak. ).



History . [ solve ].


Northern areas. Originally the site of the Lanna Kingdom. , which established the kingdom in the year AD. 1,835. by Phaya Mangrai. , and establishcapital was officially in year BE. 1,839. , in name Nop Buri Si Nakhon Ping Chiang Mai Lanna-Nopphaburi Si Nakhon Phing Chiang Mai.png. Lanna kingdom since the year 1835 caused. total collapse of the kingdom during an earlier era such as Hiran York City Tire money. Haripunchai.



Geography . [ solve ].


Landscapes of the northern mountains to less huge complex. And the area of international importance for ₣ several points, such as the western areas of the country. At York District. province Mae Hong Son area in the north of the country. At Mae Sai. Chiang Rai. nation's highest point at Doi Inthanon.province Chiang Mai is the northern area of the country. At the river. flow. The first point at which the river flows through Thailand. Located at the Golden Triangle. Chiang Saen. province Chiang Rai


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