The East of Thailand   

East is a land of beautiful islands and the sea. Surrounded by tracts of forest and fruit completely. Filled with assorted variety of different attractions. The Old Town waterfront, historic temples and magnificent waterfalls Sea Islands.They are also rich in fresh seafood from the turquoise waters to enjoy every season for those who want to travel in the East. We collect information traveling over the province came here. Simply click on the name of the province is below. I can get some information about the population size of the province and territory to go to interesting places. Food and drink All things to do.Important festivals and traditions. Tours and tour packages, hotels, shopping and relaxation.



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The eastern plateau interspersed with mountain landscape with coastal scrub and long smooth curves. Have a range of Chanthaburi is on the east coast. Extends to the west. Stretch with a range of lines. , a mountain that is the boundary between Thailand and Cambodia. And there are several major rivers. That flows into the Gulf of Thailand including. river, Rayong , Chanthaburi River. river Prasae. and the trad.


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