The Central of Thailand  

The region is a vast plain land with fields and orchards. Vegetation is abundant cereal nickname "breadbasket of India" there remains substantial.Indicative of a very prosperous city. This magnificent cultural tradition to this day. It also has a simple lifestyle. Invite to visit in every season for those who want to travel in the region. We collect information traveling over the province came here. Simply click on the name of the province is below. I can get some information about the population size of the province and territory to go to interesting places. Food and drink All things to do. Important festivals and traditions. Tours and tour packages, hotels, shopping and relaxation.



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Mainly comprising the plains, which caused the blow out debris dirt, gravel, sand and sediment to sediment deposition since the time of millions of years, the plains of this region ranged from just south of Province Uttaradit into poverty. stretch to the Gulf of Thailand. was a flat area with spacious than other regions of the country, however, some areas of the central mountains lone way . Nakhon Sawan Province and the west side of Phitsanulok. based on geological evidence. Assumptions that striking these mountains was once an island. The flood waters reached Uttaradit in many eras. The ground up.Including the actions of the many lines which have eroded erosion and sediment deposition. The area above the vast plains of the country.



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