Tingkajad Festival@ Suphanburi

  Tingkajad Festival   at Suphanburi runs from 26-28 August 2013 calendar brought mogul Thailand presided over the main set. Create a plant rituals. Page Huainan Association Tong Hua Guang. And the Foundation of Shanghai Ya worshiped Teg at Phan-kham Road.



The ceremony-restaurant has a basket of consumer goods enter numerous donations from residents of each market. On the third day of festival (28 August 2013) will be made intally Tinkajad the number dropped from that height. Who was traded to store items by number.Tingkajad festival. The ritual of the Mahayana Buddhism. And have at least 100 consecutive years.


Tingkajad festival is beautiful parade. In length and greater than any other in the province. Lion dragon parade procession with banners by local beauty of the Suphanburi province. Dance with the drum body is also Gow mule train to carry items to the invoking principal godfather. Brought only by the incense only. Then bring them to the ceremony at the Chinese Fair Trade and to the end, especially entertainment


The Chinese have adopted the. Tradition Tingkajad festival. Location-based practice (Theater J), and foundations, as well as in Thailand. I considered that I had lofty virtue. Also expresses its gratitude to the ancestors as well.



The main shrine Suphanburi Suphanburi Province

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