Moon Cakes Festival

   Moon Cakes Festival # 2 Ranked of Thai-Chinese People   

   "Moon Cakes Festival" was mentioned as the second important festival for the Thai-Chinese  people who living in Thailand . (Chinese New Year is the first fest.) Lot of the inevitable celebration of harmony or well-known that " Autumn Festival " this year falls on September 19, 2013 .For aditional of ceremony will include Waffle called a "Moon Cakes " round base with a ridge -like cakes made from flour with various fillings . Used as a cereal offerings , and eat it as a unique festival. 


   Let's take a look at Moon cake Festival legends and stories associated with not less. But it is widely celebrated as a myth. " Goddess Chang Er flying to the moon " . The legend first appeared in the early days of the Bell Bird Valse ( The War of 475-221 BC ) is the story of Sam Nanchang . Beauty elixir of the eater . The hope among goddess . Then become immortal goddesIt was said that at old history, We have the sun is to the moon . Bring disaster to human world.Prospered as the heat of fire. The water is evaporated. The Avalanche is mountainous land was split, dry vegetation . People do not have to live in hiding .  Then,Heroes appeared at that time called " Hou Yi " is a person who is skilled in archery accuracy miraculously . He shot an arrow up into the sky, only one shot  was nine the sun .The only one remaining ,considered troubling to eliminate all those people. People went to his tribute to the King.s of the moon. Myths about Sam Chang , who was dressed up . Further detail in later dynasties.


   But when Hou Yi was named king. The fixation on alcohol and women . Killing people indiscriminately,become a tyrant . But people are angry , and he is the most detestable .Hou Yi realizes that he is blessed to have so soon .  Then traveled to Mount Kun Lun ( Kunlun ) for the elixir of hope among the goddess   but Sam Chang,his wife feared . If her husband's haslong life . Not die like this,  might bring trouble to the people so she decides to secretly steal the elixir that  devoured itself. Swallowed up the body of Sam Chang is ethereal and floating up to the moon.Ever since it appeared on the Moon Goddess . Sam believed that the barn itself.


    Part of the ceremonial offerings to the moon . According to the ancient Zhou Li ,  China's Tang Dynasty , when the moon offerings . Ceremony in which the origin of this festival is associated with the legend of King's dream tank Ming Huang . Visited the palace on the moon.  The narrative is that In the middle of the night, the moon 15 months 8 King Tang Ming Huang slept and had a dream that He flew up to visit the palace on the moon. And met the moon goddess is dancing gracefully in a dream . He is very entertaining and Happiness . Even when I lay awake and made the dream a reality.Has ordered the concubines dressed and dance imitating a goddess in a dream. Since then, every day of the 8th lunar month 15 , he made offerings to the moon .  And sees the beauty of the moon, along with dance concubine .



    Moon Cakes Festival     is an old traditional practices such as this,subsequently spread throughout Thailand and in many countries.

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