Long Boat Racing 2013:Phichit province

    Long Boat Racing 2013 : Phichit Province    

Traditional Long Boat Racing season has already opened Rowing Racing Championships Cub . The Championship of Thailand will be within 7-8 September 2013 at  Nan River in front of  Tha Luang temple.


  There are seven types of competition boat such as the boat rowers 41-55 , medium 31-40 paddlers boat , small boat up to 30 paddlers . Received news of Phichit Province reported, The winner of the competition will receive cash prizes totaling more than 2 Million Baht, the King's Cup and The Champion 's Cup Boat of Thailand.The ship has a total length of more than 60 ships were already alert in the fitness training to compete fully.


  Mr. Hiran Hindukush, a former bay village , Dong Hua Muang Phichit scholars , which is the long race , Long boat and a vocal competition to inherit the tradition for over 30 years, has joined with the clergy , including peasants boat rowers nearly 500 people held a great sacrifice god of their boats to raise the morale of the rowers .The ceremony is an ancient tradition that villagers headed thrush . What action has continued for nearly 100 years, the day will fade away so residents of  Dong Hua Dong villagers and head abbot of a large number of vessels such as boats . The goddess of turmeric  thousand gold . Thus restoring the tradition shared sacrifice god of their boats continuously . So it's the tradition on to their children and young people have a pretty good knowledge of the rituals of the Thailand with respect to the patron.

   Each boat paddlers will take the Rams to the ceremony . Brahmin gods and angels brought offerings to the sacrificial offering to include The Bai welcome savory sweet floral perfume fragrance candles placed on the altar at the wheel . Before the ceremony , with the thread that binds all ships .These rowers are sitting with hands clasped meditation. Coupled with reverence sacred ceremony figure famous 9  monks chanting holy civilization, mental focus prayer so that the resulting intensity since ancient magical beliefs.The young man in the village and a stranger they will not red shirt talisman or mystical character to wear the day of the contest as well as the Navy will have to battle to win a victory. After the ceremony there will be fireworks . Firecrackers for noise . Which constitutes a notice of Gods Angels and Saints in the 16th heaven,15 Soil and Mother Earth Mother Ganges, a perception that will invite each boat into the river Ganges to fight competition boat , each field in order to get victory over the waters . A trick of the ancients to motive power paddler boat people .


Meanwhile, in the ceremonial head of the Dong people considered as the overall spirit and unity as one of the young men in the village, a boat rowers using a traditional anchor.On 7-8 September 2013 at  Nan River in front of  Tha Luang temple , which is a    National Priority of the Long Boat Racing   



Nan river,Tha-Luang temple Muang District:Phichit Province

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