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"As I create dazzling palaces and temples, the administrative center capital of Thailand" Bangkok or Bangkok, capital of Thailand. Founded after the King Rama the Great skyline reign was crowned first King of the Chakri Dynasty. On Saturday evening the 9th April 6 month 5 star Tiger year 2325 he had ordered. To build a palace on the east side of the river bend. Since it is strategically better because the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River is the western moat. And the southern boundary of the city. First take the Thonburi side of the moat is the tube from the mouth of the canal to the river until the Phra Pinklao Bridge. The Rattanakosin area. An area of approximately 1.8 square kilometers, the original palace was built as a residence of the prince royal and wealthy Chinese who have ordered. To move to the traditional markets. Ordered the construction of the palace. The Lord Thammathirat mulatto. A chief ruler with Fine Navy oversaw the construction. Ceremony held at the city pillar. 6 months up to 10 words on Sunday morning, then 54 minutes (21 April 2325), the palace was completed. Since 2328 he has held a coronation conventional The festival capital. By the name that the new suburb. "Bangkok Predominant period Mahindra Bank urged drug Worlds Great Dilok Nopparat Bureerom. Great place rich palace. Amon Piman Avatars static. Comment on Vishnu Mun gravitational effect "later in the reign of King Mongkut, he changed the word" predominant period "as" Amon Rattanakosin "and the latter as prime minister was included Chom Phon preservation Kittikachorn province. Together Thonburi to Bangkok. And rename it."Bangkok" on December 14, 2515.



Bangkok is the hub of the country. The beginning of the highway and the railroad. And to 2 major airports, tourists can travel from Bangkok to Phuket. Nationwide convenient ways. Either by car, bus, train or plan


Visitors can travel by train from Bangkok. Bangkok to Phuket by train stations including source 3. Bangkok Railway Station. Or railway station. For a trip to the North. Northeast, Central, East and southern lower Thonburi Station. Or Bangkok Noi Railway Station. For a trip to the Upper South and the West Railway broad gauge. For travel along the Gulf of Thailand to the mouth of the Tha Chin River and the mouth of the river. (Wire line). further details, call the State Railway of Thailand. 1,690 or

BY  CAR  :

Bangkok is the beginning of the country's three main highways, including National Highway No. 1 or Line Road (Northern Line) or the National Highway No. 3 Rd. (Eastern) Road and Highway 4, (Southern), so travelers can drive from Bangkok. To the provinces. Across the country with ease. than this. The other main road. The route out of town in the south through. Was. Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in the north, including Pracha Rd. And road. further east including 9 Rama Road, Rama 4 Road. And service road. west side include Baromratchonnanee. Road Charansnitwong Phuttamonthon and Outer Ring Road. further south including Rama 2 Rama 3 Road and Taksin smile.

BY  BUS   :

There are regular bus and bus from Bangkok. To various provinces around the country and the transportation company and the private company. By car from Bangkok Bus Terminal and Terminal 3 of the north and northeast, or Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road South. Baromratchonnanee. And the Eastern Bus Terminal Sukhumvit or Silom. inquiry at the bus transportation company calls .1490 present transportation company, has released a book bus tickets online then contact www.thaiticketmajor. com. You can purchase tickets online at 's also a private van service to Bangkok and nearby provinces such as Samut Sakhon. Ratchaburi. Suphanburi. Saraburi. Lopburi. And Nakhon Nayok. Parked in various spots around the city like a monument. Seta Ratchadamnoen Road intersection and Pinklao. Baromratchonnanee etc. see more at PART 2:

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