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TAK.. Ethnic Diversity

    TAK.. Ethnic Diversity . Once a strategic military region between Thailand and Burma, Tak is now known for its bustling border markets, ethnic diversity, and natural beauty.On traveling to Tak Province, expect to discover a place with long history, where natural wonders are magnificently enhanced by ethnic diversity.


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Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya  :  the most spectacular city on Earth the ruins of the capital of the Kingdom Ayutthaya are now a major tourist attraction easily accessible from Bangkok by car, train, or boat as either a daytrip or overnight excursion.


  Ayutthaya is one of Thailand’s     Historical and majestic highlights. The capital of Thailand, then known as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya was a glorified as one of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia and a regional power for 417 years.


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Sukhothai Old City

   SUKHOTHAI  ...Source of national heritage, the Thai alphabet

 The best Loy Krathong celebration, firm foundation of Buddhism, fine Teen Jok cloth, ancient chinaware, holy Pho Khun (Ramkhamhaeng’s mother), dawn of happiness.



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HUA HIN SeaBeach

HUA HIN Sea Beach - Thailand's UNIQUE beach and resort along side of the Thai-Gulf sea.

Which far from Bangkok not less than 200 Km. The one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations for city residents. A resort equally popular with young couples and families, tourists and Thais, Hua Hin is also the location of the King of Thailand’s summer palace, Klai Kang Won, “Far from Worries.”


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Nakhon Ratchasima

 Nakhon Ratchasima   : Land of brave women, fine silk material, tasty Khorat Rice noodles, the Phimai historical site, and Dan Kwian pottery !!!

Nakhon Ratchasima, generally known as Khorat, is Thailand’s largest province. Situated on Thailand’s sprawling northeastern plateau, approximately 260 kilometers northeast of Bangkok, the city itself serves as the gateway to the lower northeastern region.Covering an area that is mainly plateaus and mountainous terrain, Khorat has fascinating traditions, charming hospitality, splendid natural scenery and awesome historical sites, including Khao Yai, Thailand’s oldest national park and newest World Heritage site, and the Khmer temple at Phimai, an important provincial capital of the Angkor Empire.


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   PATTAYA SEA BEACH  :   One of the hottest beach-resort destinations in Thailand

File:Pattaya beach from view point.jpg

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CHIANG MAI North of Thailand

CHIANG MAI  : Thailand’s “Rose of the North” is a cultural and natural wonderland with ethnic diversity..

Chiang Mai literally means “new city and has retained the name despite celebrating its 700th anniversary in 1996. King Meng Rai the Great founded the city as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom on Thursday, April 12 1296 around the same time as the establishment of the Sukhothai Kingdom. King Meng Rai even conferred with his friends, King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai and King Ngam Muang of Phayao before choosing the site where the capital of the Lanna Kingdom was to be founded. Henceforth, Chiang Mai not only became the capital and cultural core of the Lanna Kingdom, it was also to be the center of Buddhism in northern Thailand.




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Bangkok / Part 2



Bangkok is the air transport hub of the country. There is a second airport in the Don Muang Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Visitors can travel by plane from Bangkok. Important to the province. Across the country every day. Check flight on Thai Airways Tel. 0 2356 1111 airline Bangkok Airways Tel. 0 2270 6699 Nok Air call. 1318 www.nokair. . com. Thai AirAsia calls. 0 2515 9999 airline One-Two calls. 1126




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