Thai Hill Tribe @ Huay-Hom village

Huay-Hom Village : Arabica Coffee plants World-Class Quality !

    Let's enjoy  to touch  all beauty of the natural and the way, Thai hill tribe at Huay-Hom village simply quality  genus allium,located at Mae La Noi district,Mae hong son province (northern Thailand), in the beautiful mountains of moor and fertility of this village life is based on linking self-reliance is a key-way in which degree of sufficiency to His Majesty the King's commandment.


   This's  tourist attraction, is very good value for your vacation, as I had a genuine sense of nature are as follows path. Before to see Thai hill tribe at Huai-hom village,as we have seen deep  roots of  Thai agricultural society at this mountain which has continued to grow and produce fruit of the Coffee plants Arabica, which is world-class quality in this matter that I was very interested in then encountering mountains is a history of the coffee growing plants  such as how well-known world-class.

   Usually, people will live in simple mountain agriculture occupation at that time to do weaving at home. In past-time people in this area like to popular career-minded farm  by the opium which is illegal,until later in the year 1709 by His Majesty the King and Queen went out  visiting Thai hill tribe at Huay-hom village for the first time in his two visits to this dispute is the Royal Bank has been set up to ensure that the rice, it has to be  said that it is a bank of the world's first rice , but this is the first of the village Highlight planting  coffee Arabica, then three year later (1712) both he went to visit this village again.


   The chairman of Royal Project Foundation, helping Thai hill tribe at Huay-hom village  to improve development of agriculture's  society, and part of health-care to meet with successful until the project has been set up in the Royal Project Development Center  in the year 1980. Because of this made better career and quality of life.The highlight point that I have been told great coffee taste which is the landscape of appropriate combinations and weather is a very set in the midst of lush mountains and complete ecstasy of today is a popular plant. Because of this ,there is a world famous leader coffee shop (I would not refer to his business name) to purchase Arabic coffee beans seeds throughout the year.In addition that great career to the main villagers weaving sheep shearing and sheep for sale to a tourist attraction, is a professional accessories . Finally, Thai hill tribe at Huay-hom villagers  tour for all visitors to experience a warm welcome and a peaceful direction of great mountains with rest of nature via Homestay vacation closely.


   Get started ! Thai hill tribe at Huay-hom village tour, Mae Hong Son province  which is located in northern region of Thailand from Bangkok, take highway No.32 to go with  (Asia road) will be traveling through, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Sing Buri, Chainat ,Nakhon Sawan province after that , toward the highway No.1 must be through the Kamphaengphet province and by the distance before the Tak province to find the name that  Mae Sot - Mae Sariang intersection then turn left go to the highway No.105 after that continue with highway No.108 headed to Mae La Noi district and when to use  road No.1266 approximately  27 kilometers then turn right to the point, this is a rural roads No.4006 the distance  for about 3 kilometers, to reach Development center project, Mae Hong Son province.



Ref:Many Thanks to. Osotho & Paiduaykan photo


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