Sirocco,The World highest outdoor Sky-bar !

Sirocco,The World  highest outdoor Sky-bar !

   The highest outdoor restaurant of the world's , open as first of  Top HangOut  column I would bring all friends  to hang out visiting  supreme atmosphere plot of night, I would have said this is not an advertisement anything, but just want to advise where there is best thing and think that it matters most.


   I would like to recommend little advice for Sirocco is very suitable for all lover or  with  your friends to agree with that would like to seek fresh place to add, increase the sweet-heart  and particulary if it is in a couple of new lover need to use this hang out. There is a confidence to tell each other more profound, is aware of the following as Thai people, i'm one who had come to hang out with the highest outdoor restaurant in the world, and the top end was a romantic of course, never mind.



   Sirocco is an outdoor restaurant which is located on the 63 floor, The Dome Lebua at State Tower atmosphere inside the restaurant is decorated in a Sky Bar which has a guarantee that ranked top restaurants in the city luxury Bangkok, Thailand. You have read all best direction all right! and most of the incredible Amazing image is that of the landscape at heart of the country's capital in Bangkok, Thailand during night of romantic.


   Bangkok has been ranked in that it is one of the five cities of the best in the world. Yes, and overviews surrounded by Chao Phraya river ( Chao Phraya river is the most important river to Thailand for a long time, from the past and by flowing down from north of Thailand , as well as  it was occured from 4 river : Ping, Wang,Yom and Nan river down stream integration at Nakhon Sawan province).


After enjoying flow to lose one's way to the top of romantic , and then it was time to head toward the back seat pleasant corner to drop the suits , it was finished and then look for the menu serve food.



   All as a Mediterranean-style menu with all these need to go through a selection of professional chef, made a professional  working together to mask from Europe came to control kitchen restaurant Sirocco taste! taste so great, it has to be said that it is a very suitable if you want to give best impressive a chic couple hang out to Date  with sweetheart in the night? Share with me how your hang out !









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