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Phi Phi Island

   Phi Phi Island !!! One of The Most Unique and attractive clusters of islands in the world. The idyllic island retreat that features a number of beaches that feature a variety of accommodation options and many outdoor activities.


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" PHUKET "... The Biggest Island of THAILAND

Pearl of the Andaman. Scenery town Colorful international


For tourists who love the sun, white sand and clear water to pickers. And the convenience of travel accommodation, restaurants and souvenir shops. Agencies. The colorful display, etc. I would not think of Phuket. Largest island of the country, an area of about 543 sq km of the island surrounded by emerald green waters and white sandy beaches. It is best to rest in Melbourne. It also facilitates the activities of the sea and the sea with its outstanding beach and the Leeward Islands in Phuket due to the topography of the coastal area, the lower will be submerged. It turns out the steeple above the surface of the sea as island groups overlap to see. Phuket is the largest island on the west coast of the Gulf looks dented there. And paved with a grain of sand, such as Patong, Kata, Karon, etc. The east side is mainly mangrove forests and sandy mud. While the south has beautiful coral reefs. In addition to the island while. Islets located around. It is a tourist attraction that should not be overlooked because of the white sand. Clear waters as Phuket Island Coconut Island etc. Not only because of the beautiful landscapes of Phuket grew into major attractions. The story is also filled with cultural notables preach the way of life of the people. Indicative of the long boom from the early AD. Phuket, which is called the "Phuket" is an island of sailors. Which travel between China and India, known as "Junk Ceylon" is both a port and trading center. The Product is tin. Assets that generate revenue for the city in the successor long. Preceding the reign of the first was the historical milestones up When Burmese troops attacked the then ruler of Muang Thalang recently passed away. Ying Chan, the wife. And sister, Pearl. It brought people together to deal with the city of Myanmar with an ingenious plan. I retreated back to Burma annulled courage and goodness this King Rama the Great skyline was bestowed the title of the Empress. Chan and Muk as Thao Thepkasattri you are Thao Sri acclaimed turns inThe heroine Thailand to this day. On peaceful country. Atmosphere of the trade, it reopens. Especially in the reign of the fifth on the needs of the world market increased the tin mine workers is not sufficient. Size of the Chinese people have been mining in Penang and Singapore workers. Then that the Chinese Hokkien has settled in Phuket A residential building in the colonial style of architecture and decorative details. Chinese art Galapagos Tours of Phuket or Bangkok, as seen today. Visited Phuket. Then you will know that this island full of value. Both in terms of history. Background and abundant natural resources. Both on land and underwater, including tourist attractions Travel blogs throughout the year

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