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Sirocco,The World highest outdoor Sky-bar !

Sirocco,The World  highest outdoor Sky-bar !

   The highest outdoor restaurant of the world's , open as first of  Top HangOut  column I would bring all friends  to hang out visiting  supreme atmosphere plot of night, I would have said this is not an advertisement anything, but just want to advise where there is best thing and think that it matters most.


   I would like to recommend little advice for Sirocco is very suitable for all lover or  with  your friends to agree with that would like to seek fresh place to add, increase the sweet-heart  and particulary if it is in a couple of new lover need to use this hang out. There is a confidence to tell each other more profound, is aware of the following as Thai people, i'm one who had come to hang out with the highest outdoor restaurant in the world, and the top end was a romantic of course, never mind.



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Thai Hill Tribe @ Huay-Hom village

Huay-Hom Village : Arabica Coffee plants World-Class Quality !

    Let's enjoy  to touch  all beauty of the natural and the way, Thai hill tribe at Huay-Hom village simply quality  genus allium,located at Mae La Noi district,Mae hong son province (northern Thailand), in the beautiful mountains of moor and fertility of this village life is based on linking self-reliance is a key-way in which degree of sufficiency to His Majesty the King's commandment.


   This's  tourist attraction, is very good value for your vacation, as I had a genuine sense of nature are as follows path. Before to see Thai hill tribe at Huai-hom village,as we have seen deep  roots of  Thai agricultural society at this mountain which has continued to grow and produce fruit of the Coffee plants Arabica, which is world-class quality in this matter that I was very interested in then encountering mountains is a history of the coffee growing plants  such as how well-known world-class.

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Review of AEC Thailand Impact

   The Impact of 10  ASEAN countries Economic Community   

AEC 2015 reshaped the ASEAN into single market 600 million people.  On January 1, 2015 will be the date on which the 10 ASEAN countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam , Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei .


Production and the market, which makes the economy of the Landscape. This sector has changed dramatically in the 10-Nation ASEAN group. Becoming the open market population within ASEAN can come,conduct business operations. The import and export are not paid taxation as well as labor can move freely.


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TAK.. Ethnic Diversity

    TAK.. Ethnic Diversity . Once a strategic military region between Thailand and Burma, Tak is now known for its bustling border markets, ethnic diversity, and natural beauty.On traveling to Tak Province, expect to discover a place with long history, where natural wonders are magnificently enhanced by ethnic diversity.


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Phi Phi Island

   Phi Phi Island !!! One of The Most Unique and attractive clusters of islands in the world. The idyllic island retreat that features a number of beaches that feature a variety of accommodation options and many outdoor activities.


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Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya  :  the most spectacular city on Earth the ruins of the capital of the Kingdom Ayutthaya are now a major tourist attraction easily accessible from Bangkok by car, train, or boat as either a daytrip or overnight excursion.


  Ayutthaya is one of Thailand’s     Historical and majestic highlights. The capital of Thailand, then known as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya was a glorified as one of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia and a regional power for 417 years.


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Sukhothai Old City

   SUKHOTHAI  ...Source of national heritage, the Thai alphabet

 The best Loy Krathong celebration, firm foundation of Buddhism, fine Teen Jok cloth, ancient chinaware, holy Pho Khun (Ramkhamhaeng’s mother), dawn of happiness.



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HUA HIN SeaBeach

HUA HIN Sea Beach - Thailand's UNIQUE beach and resort along side of the Thai-Gulf sea.

Which far from Bangkok not less than 200 Km. The one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations for city residents. A resort equally popular with young couples and families, tourists and Thais, Hua Hin is also the location of the King of Thailand’s summer palace, Klai Kang Won, “Far from Worries.”


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